Although humeral intracondylar sclerosis was present in over a third of dogs, no HIF were identified.
This study supports the clinical efficacy of DUO and BODPUO in reducing lameness, arthralgia and progression of %STS.
Humero-anconeal incongruity and an associated cartilage lesion appear to be present in dogs with HIF.
Surgical strategies reduce pain through off-loading of the medial compartment.
Low complication rate with a good to excellent long-term outcome according to responses on the client questionnaire.
Abnormal ulnar morphology in the radial incisure group could predispose to osteochondral damage.
Lameness may be scored after gait evaluation in dogs with elbow OA irrespective of the timing of a comprehensive orthopedic examination.
The cases in this series had acceptable outcomes despite a high risk of complications.