Internal Fixation

A tapered pin may be preferable to a cylindrical pin provided that improvements in tap design can reduce bone damage during insertion
SGT fractures of various durations can be repaired in a wide range of horses with transversely positioned LCPs, and allow return to athletic function.
The LCP is a viable method of internal fixation for various types of ulnar fractures, with most horses in this series returning to soundness
Internal fixation based on an accurate diagnosis of the individual fracture configuration can result in a very good prognosis
Internal fixation of cervical fracture was associated with minimal complications, healing and a highly functional outcome in these horses
More distal screw allows placement of a longer screw and renders a more rigid fracture fixation, but a higher risk of solar canal penetration
Propagating medial condyle fractures can be repaired with plate fixation to potentially lessen the risk of catastrophic fracture destabilisation and return to racing can be expected in 40% of horses.