Authors: K V Kristiansen, H Schmökel, S Vermeire

Objective: The aim of this study was to review and describe cases of thoracolumbar (TL) hydrated nucleus pulposus extrusion (HNPE) diagnosed with magnetic resonance imaging and surgery, and compare them to cases of cervical (C) HNPE.

Study design: Retrospective, single-center study.

Category: Spine
Authors: Daphne Mavrides, Marios Charalambous, Paul Freeman

The aim of this study is to report chronic complications (> 2 mo after surgery) following spinal segmental stabilization (SSS) to treat myelopathy associated with thoracic congenital vertebral malformations in brachycephalic dogs.

Follow-up medical records (years 2006 to 2020) of 12 cases that underwent SSS at 3 university hospitals were retrieved and analyzed with a minimum follow-up period of 1 y.

Five dogs showed no chronic complications and 7 dogs had chronic complications which are reported here.

Category: Spine
Authors: Sebastian C Knell, Brian Park, Benjamin Voumard, Antonio Pozzi

Objective: To evaluate intradiskal pressure (IDP) in the C6-7 intervertebral disk (IVD) after destabilization and distraction-fusion of the C5-C6 vertebrae.

Sample: 7 cadaveric C4-T1 vertebral specimens with no evidence of IVD disease from large-breed dogs.

Category: Spine
Authors: Christian W Woelfel, Katherine Y Bray, Peter J Early, Christopher L Mariani, Natasha J Olby

Objective: To describe neurologic signs, diagnostic imaging findings, potential treatments, and outcomes in dogs with subaxial cervical articular process subluxation and dislocation, or a "locked facet."

Study design: Retrospective case series.

Animals: Ten client-owned dogs.

Category: Spine
Authors: Philip R Inness, Tiffany L Kimbrell, Sarah Nemanic, Wendy I Baltzer

Objective: To describe the dorsal laminectomy, annulectomy and distraction stabilization with pins and polymethylmethacrylate technique, its complications and outcome in the management of canine degenerative lumbosacral stenosis. To determine pre- and post-surgical foraminal width and vertebral step changes.

Study design: Multi-institutional retrospective clinical study.

Category: Spine
Authors: Thomas Bitterli, Georg Mund, Thomas Christian Häußler, Daniela Farke, Martin Kramer, Martin Jürgen Schmidt, Christine Peppler

Objective: The aim of this study was to describe minimally invasive spinal stabilization using a unilateral uniplanar external skeletal fixator (ESF, type 1a) with polymethylmethacrylate, and to review short- and long-term outcomes and complications in a clinical case series.

Category: Spine
Authors: A Mojarradi, S De Decker, C Bäckström, N Bergknut
Category: Spine
Authors: Eva S Samer, Franck Forterre, Justus M K Rathmann, Veronika M Stein, Christina M Precht, Julien Guevar

Objective: The aim of this study was to validate an imaging technique for evaluation of spinal surgery accuracy and to establish accuracy and safety of freehand technique in the thoracolumbar spine of large breed dogs.

Category: Spine
Authors: E Gougeon, P Meheust

Objectives: To assess the feasibility and outcome of pedicle screw implantation on sixth lumbar vertebral body fractures.

Category: Spine
Authors: Ivette Nikol Irizarry, Danielle R Dugat, Kate M Sippel, Mark E Payton

Objective: To evaluate the intervertebral disk, vertebral endplates, and spinal cord for perioperative changes secondary to percutaneous laser disk ablation (PLDA) and correlate findings to clinical outcomes in dogs receiving thoracolumbar PLDA.

Study design: Blinded study.

Animals: Thirty dogs.

Category: Spine