Stance and Weight Distribution After Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy in Fore Limb and Hind Limb Amputee Dogs

Ron Ben-Amotz, David Dycus, David Levine, Andréia Gonçalves Arruda, Nicholas Fagan, Denis Marcellin-Little
BMC Vet Res. 2020 Jun 10;16(1):188.

Background: Little is known about the weight distribution to the remaining limbs for amputee dogs that undergo orthopedic surgery. The objective of the paper was to describe stance and weight distribution after tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO) in forelimb and in hind limb amputees (AmpTPLO) and to compare them to four-legged TPLO patients (4LTPLO) and amputees without TPLO (Amp). Weight bearing distribution at a stance was compared between groups. Joint angles of forelimb and hind limb joints in a sagittal plane, hind limb orientation in a frontal plane, and pelvic orientation in a transverse plane (pelvic tilt) were measured and compared between groups.

Results: Joint angles, hind limb abduction, and pelvic tilt of AmpTPLO and Amp did not differ statistically. Mean weight bearing in the operated hind limb was higher for AmpTPLO than 4LTPLO. Mean weight bearing for thoracic limbs of AmpTPLO and 4LTPLO did not differ statistically. Weight bearing of the hind limb of AmpTPLO and Amp did not differ statistically.

Conclusions: The position of the center of mass and posture of AmpTPLO and Amp does not differ. The weight distribution and posture of Amp is not impacted negatively by TPLO.

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