Risk of simultaneous phenotypic expression of hip and elbow dysplasia in dogs

A study of 1,411 radiographic examinations sent for official scoring

T. Cachon (1), J. P. Genevois (1), D. Remy (1), C. Carozzo (1), E. Viguier (1), P. Maitre (1), F. Arnault (1), D. Fau (1) (1) Ecole Nationale Veterinaire de Lyon, Surgery, Small Animal Department, Marcy L’Etoile, France

In order to look for phenotypic correlation between hip (HD) and elbow (ED) dysplasia, we used radiographic scoring obtained from 1,411 dogs of different breeds, which were evaluated for authoritative grading of both conditions. In this population, we found that the risk ratio for an animal to be simultaneously affected by HD and ED is 1.67. For a dog with ED, the risk ratio to be affected by HD increases as the ED grade increases. Similarly, for a dog affected by HD, the risk ratio to be affected by ED increases as the HD grade increases. In a dog affected by HD or ED, the clinician should look for the second condition in the same animal. Due to the low, yet positive correlation, selection against one trait will not affect the other trait sufficiently. Therefore selection has to be conducted at reduction of HD as well as reduction of ED.

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