Future research focused on key active ingredients would enable consistent and improved efficacy from GSM-based products for the purpose of improved animal health.
Large mineralisations in feline stifles are ossifications in periarticular tissue and are associated with degenerative joint disease
Low overall variabilities among the 15 independent measures of the OA scoring system presented
Meloxicam OTMS had similar effects on peak vertical force, motor activity and pain sensitization as previously reported for oral meloxicam in OA cats
Treatment with oral Glu/CS+ for 90 days did not result in a significant increase in activity counts when compared to placebo
Synovitis and changes in the subchondral bone and calcified cartilage may be important in the pathogenesis of this condition
Although easily performed and well-tolerated, there were no statistically significant benefits of dextrose prolotherapy for treatment of osteoarthritis of the elbow and stifle
Nociceptive hypersensitivity quantified by RMTS was evident in OA cats and was responsive to tramadol treatment