Authors: Lauer S, Hosgood G, Ramirez S, Lopez M.
Journal: Vet Comp Orthop Traumatol.

Controlled mobilization after the surgical repair of multiple disrupted ligaments is considered to be essential for return to normal function. This study compared the outcome after post-surgical mobilization without any protection to mobilization with two transarticular external skeletal fixator hinge prototypes after surgical repair of experimental injuries to multiple stifle ligaments in 15 hounds.

Authors: Pinna S, Venturini A, Tribuiani AM.
Journal: J Small Anim Pract.

A crossbreed dog was presented with non-weight bearing on the right hindlimb and a semi-flexed stifle. Clinical examination and radiographic investigation showed a grade 3 medial patellar luxation, characterised by hypoplasia of the medial trochlear ridge. No other significant skeletal abnormalities were detected.

Category: Knee
Authors: B. Vidoni, I. Sommerfeld-Stur, E. Eisenmenger
Journal: EJCAP

During a period of eight years (1996 – 2004) 432 small and miniature breed dogs were screened for patellar luxation (PL). In order to achieve the diagnostic accuracy required for genetic screening to assist breeding programmes, examinations were based on the concept of a standardized examination protocol for patellar luxtion.

Category: Knee