Authors: Ana Santana, Sofia Alves-Pimenta, João Martins, Bruno Colaço, Mário Ginja

Hip dysplasia (HD) is an important hereditary orthopedic disease in the dog associated with osteoarthritis and inadequate welfare for affected animals. The radiographic ventrodorsal hip extended (VDHE) view is used worldwide to select the better animals for breeding. This view normally is performed with manual restraining of the dog to obtain radiographs with acceptable technical quality. The veterinarian exposition to ionizing radiation is inevitable.

Category: Imaging
Authors: Adam Eby, Jason Bleedorn

Objective: To report geometric methods to assess femoral transverse bone morphology and develop a virtual method to guide the surgical correction of femoral torsional deformities.

Study design: Observational study.

Sample population: Sixteen client-owned dogs comprising 14 normal femurs and 14 femurs with angulation-rotation bone deformities.

Category: Imaging
Authors: Vera Lichtenhahn, Henning Richter, Thomas Gödde, Patrick Kircher

Objective: To describe low-field MRI findings associated with lumbosacral foraminal stenosis and radiculopathy and correlate these with clinical signs.

Study design: Retrospective study.

Animals: Client-owned dogs (n = 240) that underwent a clinical examination and standardized MRI protocol of the lumbosacral junction.

Category: Imaging - Spine
Authors: Burneko M, Hudson CC, Beale BS

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the accuracy of measuring cementless femoral stem level on mediolateral projection radiographs.

STUDY DESIGN: Benchtop cadaveric.

SAMPLE POPULATION: Twelve canine cadaver femurs.

Category: Imaging
Authors: Alisauskaite N, Bitterli T, Kircher PR, Pozzi A, Grinwis GCM, Steffen F, Smolders LA.

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate agreement in results obtained with an MRI-based grading scheme and a macroscopic observation-based grading scheme when used to assess intervertebral disk (IVD) degeneration in ca

Category: Imaging - Spine
Authors: Baud K, Griffin S, Martinez-Taboada F, Burton NJ

OBJECTIVES: To compare elbow congruity in two cohorts of Labrador retrievers affected with either radial incisure or apex fragmentation of the medial coronoid process.

Category: Elbow - Imaging
Authors: Tinga S, Kim SE, Banks SA, Jones SC, Park BH, Burtch M, Pozzi A, Lewis DD.

OBJECTIVE: To determine the ability of tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO) to address abnormal femorotibial kinematics caused by cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) rupture during walking in dogs.

STUDY DESIGN: Prospective, clinical.

Authors: Bonelli MA, da Costa RC.

OBJECTIVE: To describe the neurologic signs and MRI findings for German Shepherd Dogs (GSDs) with cervical spondylomyelopathy (CSM).

ANIMALS: 10 GSDs with confirmed CSM.

Category: Imaging - Spine
Authors: White DA, Renberg WC, Roush JK, Hallman MR, Mauler DA, Milliken GA.

OBJECTIVE: To determine a flexed position for radiographic diagnosis of atlantoaxial instability (AAI) and to identify radiographic measurement cutoffs to differentiate affected dogs from neurologically healthy toy breeds.

STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective case series and prospective case controls.

Category: Imaging - Spine
Authors: Webster CE; Marcellin-Little DJ; Koballa EM; Stallrich JW; Harrysson OLA

OBJECTIVE To evaluate accuracy of articular surfaces determined by use of 2 perpendicular CT orientations, micro-CT, and laser scanning.

SAMPLE 23 cat cadavers.

Category: Imaging - Radius/Ulna