Taken together, Si-CAOP induced the most expeditious bone regeneration of critical size defects in the sheep scapula.
The PG-PMMA can be proposed as a promising option to increase regenerative potential of PMMA, particularly when it is used as fixator, filler or adhesive in the dentistry, neurosurgery and bone tissue engineering applications.
The successful, direct, differentiation of equine iPSCs into osteoblasts may provide a source of cells for future regenerative medicine strategies to improve fracture repair in horses undergoing surgery.
Clinical use of ECM in veterinary patients requires careful consideration of the specific ECM product, lesion size and location, and loading circumstances.
Cellular lubricant-based modification of allograft tendons improved digit function and reduced the adhesions compared with autograft for flexor tendon reconstruction. However, improvement of graft-to-host tendon healing is still challenging.
The utilization of both qualitative and quantitative data provided valuable insight
Data allowed the achievement of important breed body-size specific characteristics on small-sized newborn dogs