Percutaneous screw fixation of incomplete ossification of the humeral condyle in three dogs (four elbows)

Grand JR. J Am Anim Hosp Assoc. 2017 Jan/Feb; 53 (1): 45-51.

Transcondylar screw fixation was performed using a minimally invasive percutaneous technique on three dogs (four elbows) diagnosed with incomplete ossification of the humeral condyle. The technique was performed using an aiming device in all four elbow joints and assisted by intraoperative fluoroscopy in one.

All screws were successfully placed on first attempt and no elbow joint required repositioning of the transcondylar screw. On immediate postoperative radiographs, median transcondylar screw angulation was 2.9° and median percentage of screw eccentricity relative to the theoretical center of the humeral condyle was 14%. No short-term postoperative complications (<1 mo) were observed.

The surgical technique described is a feasible option for surgical management of incomplete ossification of the humeral condyle in dogs that allowed accurate transcondylar screw placement and orientation.