Management of Tibial Fractures Using a Circular External Fixator in Two Calves

Hari Prasad Aithal, MVSc, PhD 1 , Prakash Kinjavdekar, MVSc, PhD 1 , Amarpal MVSc, PhD 1 , Abhijit Motiram Pawde, MVSc, PhD 1 , Gaj Raj Singh, MVSc, PhD 1 , and Harish Chandra Setia, MSc 1
621 - 626
Veterinary Surgery
July 2010

Objectives: To report the repair of tibial diaphyseal fractures in 2 calves using a circular external skeletal fixator (CEF).

Study Design: Clinical report.

Animals: Crossbred calves (n=2; age: 6 months; weight: 55 and 60 kg).

Methods: Mid-diaphyseal tibial fractures were repaired by the use of a 4-ring CEF (made of aluminum rings with 2 mm K-wires) alone in 1 calf and in combination with hemicerclage wiring in 1 calf.

Results: Both calves had good weight bearing with moderate lameness postoperatively. Fracture healing occurred by day 60 in 1 calf and by day 30 in calf 2. The CEF was well maintained and tolerated by both calves through fracture healing. Joint mobility and limb usage improved gradually after CEF removal.

Conclusions: CEF provided a stable fixation of tibial fractures and healing within 60 days and functional recovery within 90 days.

Clinical Relevance: CEF can be safely and successfully used for the management of selected tibial fractures in calves.