Dowel pinning in phalangeal fractures

Matthias Kornmayer, Andrea Meyer-Lindenberg
Vet Rec. 2022 Apr 17;e2378. doi: 10.1002/

The objective of this case series was to report the outcome of a new technique for the surgical treatment of phalangeal fractures in cats and dogs.

Medical records of cats and dogs presented with phalangeal fractures and treated with dowel pinning were retrospectively reviewed.

Cases were included when a clinical examination and a radiographic follow-up evaluation of at least 6 months were available. Complications during the healing period and the final radiographic and functional outcome were analysed. Two cats and six dogs fulfilled the inclusion criteria. Closed fractures of a single phalanx predominated. All fractures were diaphyseal, transverse and displaced. Malunions occurred in two dogs. Complete functional union was achieved in all cases at the final follow-up.

In conclusion, Dowel pinning was found to be an effective treatment for displaced, diaphyseal fractures of the proximal and the middle phalanx and a viable alternative to digit amputation.