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Gait analysis

Biokinematics under Competitive Racing Conditions in Young Standardbred Trotters: A Preliminary Report
Jose M. Vilar, Francisco Miró, Angelo Santana, Giuseppe Spinella Journal of Equine Veterinary Science May 2010 30 5 275-277
Mechanical loading of the distal end of the third metacarpal bone in horses during walking and trotting
Jonathan S. Merritt, PhD; Marcus G. Pandy, PhD; Nicholas A. T. Brown, PhD; Colin R. Burvill, PhD; Christopher E. Kawcak, DVM, PhD; C. Wayne McIlwraith, BVSc, PhD, DSc; Helen M. S. Davies, PhD American Journal of Veterinary Research May 2010 71 5 508-514
The effect of training on stride parameters in a cohort of National Hunt racing Thoroughbreds: A preliminary study
Ferrari, M.; Pfau, T.; Wilson, A.M.; Weller, R. Equine Veterinary Journal May 2009 41 5 493-497(5)
The effect of rising and sitting trot on back movements and head-neck position of the horse
de Cocq, P.; Prinsen, H.; Springer, N.C.N.; van Weeren, P. R.; Schreuder, M.; Muller, M.; van Leeuwen, J. L. Equine Veterinary Journal May 2009 41 5 423-427(5)
Use of kinetic gait analysis for detection, quantification, and differentiation of hind limb lameness and spinal ataxia in horses
Akikazu Ishihara, BVSc; Stephen M. Reed, DVM, DACVIM; Päivi J. Rajala-Schultz, DVM, PhD; James T. Robertson, DVM, DACVS; Alicia L. Bertone, DVM, PhD, DACVS Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association March 1, 2009 234 5 644-651
Quantification of surface EMG signals to monitor the effect of a Botox treatment in six healthy ponies and two horses with stringhalt: Preliminary study
Wijnberg, I.D.; Schrama, S.E.A.; Elgersma, A.E.; Maree, J.T.M.; de Cocq, P.; Back, W. Equine Veterinary Journal March 2009 41 3 313-318(6)
The use of force plate measurements to titrate the dosage of a new COX-2 inhibitor in lame horses
Back, W.; MacAllister, C.G.; van Heel, M. C. V.; Pollmeier, M.; Hanson, P.D. Equine Veterinary Journal March 2009 41 3 309-312(4)
Back kinematics of healthy trotting horses during treadmill versus over ground locomotion
Álvarez, Gómez C.B.; Rhodin, M.; Byström, A.; Back, W.; van Weeren, P. R. Equine Veterinary Journal March 2009 41 3 297-300(4)

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