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Gait analysis

A Quantitative Review of the Equinalysis System for Equine Locomotion Analysis
Luke A.B. Poore, Theresia L. Licka Journal of Equine Veterinary Science December 2011 31 12 717-721
A pressure plate study on fore and hindlimb loading and the association with hoof contact area in sound ponies at the walk and trot
M. Oosterlinck, F. Pille, W. Back, J. Dewulf, F. Gasthuys The Veterinary Journal October 2011 190 1 71-76
Evaluation of biomechanical effects of four stimulation devices placed on the hind feet of trotting horses
Hilary M. Clayton, BVMS, PhD; Michael Lavagnino, PhD; LeeAnn J. Kaiser, MS; Narelle C. Stubbs, MS American Journal of Veterinary Research November 2011 72 11 1489-1495
The difference in kinematics of horses walking, trotting and cantering on a flat and banked 10 m circle
S. J. HOBBS, T. LICKA, R. POLMAN Equine Veterinary Journal November 2011 43 6 686-694
Assessment of repeatability of a wireless, inertial sensor–based lameness evaluation system for horses
Kevin G. Keegan, DVM, MS; Joanne Kramer, DVM; Yoshiharu Yonezawa, PhD; Hiromitchi Maki, PhD; P. Frank Pai, PhD; Eric V. Dent, DVM; Thomas E. Kellerman, DVM; David A. Wilson, DVM, MS; Shannon K. Reed, DVM, MS American Journal of Veterinary Research September 2011 72 9 1156-1163
Comparison of subjective scoring systems used to evaluate equine laminitis
I. Viñuela-Fernándeza, E. Jones, M.E. Chase-Topping and J. Price The Veterinary Journal May 2011 188 2 171-177
High speed field kinematics of foot contact in elite galloping horses in training
K. J. PARSONS, A. J. SPENCE, R. MORGAN, J. A. THOMPSON, A. M. WILSON Equine Veterinary Journal March 2011 43 2 216-222
Swing phase kinematic and kinetic response to weighting the hind pasterns
H. M. CLAYTON, M. LAVAGNINO, L. J. KAISER, N. C. STUBBS Equine Veterinary Journal March 2011 43 2 210-215
Horizontal moment around the hoof centre of pressure during walking on right and left circles
L. A. HEAPS, S. H. FRANKLIN, G. R. COLBORNE Equine Veterinary Journal March 2011 43 2 190-195
Comparison of pressure plate and force plate gait kinetics in sound Warmbloods at walk and trot
Maarten Oosterlinck, Frederik Pille, Tsjester Huppes, Frank Gasthuys, Willem Back The Veterinary Journal December 2010 186 3 347-351

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