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Gait analysis

Effect of underwater treadmill exercise on postural sway in horses with experimentally induced carpal joint osteoarthritis
Melissa R. King, Kevin K. Haussler, Christopher E. Kawcak, C. Wayne McIlwraith, Raoul F. Reiser II American Journal of Veterinary Research July 2013 74 7 971-982
Effect of water depth on amount of flexion and extension of joints of the distal aspects of the limbs in healthy horses walking on an underwater treadmill
Jose L. Mendez-Angulo, DVM, MS; Anna M. Firshman, BVSc, PhD; Donna M. Groschen, BS; Philip J. Kieffer, DVM; Troy N. Trumble, DVM, PhD American Journal of Veterinary Research April 1, 2013 74 4 557-566
The effect of collection and extension on tarsal flexion and fetlock extension at trot
V. A. WALKER, J. M. WALTERS, L. GRIFFITH and R. C. MURRAY Equine Veterinary Journal March 2013 45 2 245-248
Effect of trotting speed and circle radius on movement symmetry in horses during lunging on a soft surface
Thilo Pfau, Narelle C. Stubbs, LeeAnn J. Kaiser, Lucy E. A. Brown, Hilary M. Clayton American Journal of Veterinary Research December 2012 73 12 1890-1899
Application of Wavelet Filtering to Analyze Acceleration-Time Curves of Horses Trotted on Different Surfaces
Lisa Kruse, Jennifer Salau, Imke Traulsen, Joachim Krieter Journal of Equine Veterinary Science November 2012 32 11 696-703
Contribution of dynamic calibration to the measurement accuracy of a pressure plate system throughout the stance phase in sound horses
Maarten Oosterlinck, Frederik Pille, Danse C. Sonneveld, Annemiek M. Oomen, Frank Gasthuys, Willem Back Veterinary Journal August 2012 193 2 471-474
Vertical head and trunk movement adaptations of sound horses trotting in a circle on a hard surface
Sandra D. Starke, Egbert Willems, Stephen A. May, Thilo Pfau Veterinary Journal July 2012 193 1 73-80
The effect of lateral heel studs on the kinematics of the equine digit while cantering on grass
Alison M. Harvey, Sarah B. Williams, Ellen R. Singer The Veterinary Journal May 2012 192 2 217-221
Comparison of an inertial sensor system with a stationary force plate for evaluation of horses with bilateral forelimb lameness
Kevin G. Keegan, DVM, MS; Charles G. MacAllister, DVM; David A. Wilson, DVM, MS; Carl A. Gedon; Joanne Kramer, DVM; Yoshiharu Yonezawa, PhD; Hiromitchi Maki, PhD; P. Frank Pai, PhD American Journal of Veterinary Research March 2012 73 3 368-374
Linear and Temporal Kinematics of the Walk in Warmblood Foals
Sarah F. Denham, W. Burton Staniar, John J. Dascanio, Amanda B. Phillips, Rebecca K. Splan Journal of Equine Veterinary Science February 2012 32 2 112-115

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