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Tendon and Ligament Injuries

Reducing susceptibility artefacts in magnetic resonance images of the canine stifle following surgery for cranial cruciate ligament deficiency.
David FH, Grierson J, Lamb CR. Frédéric H. David, The Royal Veterinary College, Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, Hawkshead Lane, North Mymms, Hertfordshire AL9 7TA, United Kingdom, E-mail: VCOT 2012 Nov 14 25 6 488-97
Inter- and intra-operator variability associated with extracapsular suture tensioning. An ex vivo study.
Dunn AL, Buffa EA, Marchevsky AM, Heller J, Moores AP, Farrell M. Andrew Dunn, Adelaide Veterinary Specialist and Referral Centre, 102 Magill Road, Norwood, South Australia 5067, Australia, Phone: +61 8 81320533, Fax: +61 8 81320633, E-mail: VCOT 2012 Nov 14 25 6 472-7
In vitro mechanical evaluation and comparison of two crimping devices for securing monofilament nylon and multifilament polyethylene for use in extracapsular stabilization of the canine stifle.
Maritato KC, Barnhart MD, Kazanovicz AJ, Naber SJ. Karl Maritato, DVM, MedVet Medical and Cancer Centers for Pets, 3964 Red Bank Rd., Fairfax, OH 45227, United States, Phone: +1 513 561 0069, Fax: +1 513 561 5688, E-mail: VCOT 2012 Nov 14 25 6 466-71
Radiographic landmarks for measurement of cranial tibial subluxation in the canine cruciate ligament deficient stifle.
Plesman R, Sharma A, Gilbert P, Campbell J, Johnston JD, Shmon C, Linn K. Rhea Plesman, BSc, DVM, MVetSc, Veterinary Emergency Clinic and Referral Center, 920 Yonge St. Suite 117, Toronto, Ontario M4W 3C7, Canada, Phone: +1 416 920 2002, Fax: +1 416 920 6185, E-mail: VCOT 2012 Nov 14 25 6 478-87
Ultrasonographic evaluation of canine supraspinatus calcifying tendinosis.
Mistieri ML, Wigger A, Canola JC, Filho JG, Kramer M. Department of Veterinary Medicine, Pampa Federal University, Uruguaiana, Brazil. JAAHA 2012 Nov 48 6 405-10
Effects of observer on the diagnostic accuracy of low-field MRI for detecting canine meniscal tears.
Böttcher P, Armbrust L, Blond L, Brühschwein A, Gavin PR, Gielen I, Hecht S, Jurina K, Kneissl S, Konar M, Pujol E, Robinson A, Schaefer SL, Theyse LF,Wigger A, Ludewig E. From the Department of Small Animal Medicine, University of Leipzig, Germany. Vet Radiol Ultrasound 2012 Nov-Dec 53 6 628-35
Evaluation of methods for cell harvesting and the biological properties at successive passages of canine bone marrow stromal cells.
Nishida H, Shoji Y, Nakamura M, Hatoya S, Sugiura K, Yamate J, Kuwamura M, Kotani T, Nakayama M, Suzuki Y, Ide C, Inaba T. Department of Advanced Pathobiology, Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Osaka Prefecture University, 1-58 Rinku Ourai Kita, Izumisano, Osaka, 598-8531, Japan., Nakayama Veterinary Hospital, 6-1 Minamifukuro, Nara, Nara, 630-8342, Japan. AJVR 2012 Nov 73 11 1832-40
Medial humeral epicondylitis in cats.
Streubel R, Geyer H, Montavon PM. Section of Small Animal Surgery, Vetsuisse Faculty, University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland. Vet Surg 2012 Oct 41 7 795-802
Fracture of the Patella after TPLO in 6 Dogs.
Rutherford S, Bell JC, Ness MG. Croft Veterinary Hospital, Cramlington, Northumberland, United Kingdom. Vet Surg 2012 Oct 41 7 869-75

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