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Comparison of the Accuracy of Radiography and Ultrasonography for Detection of Articular Lesions in Horses

Antje Hinz Med Vet, Andrew T. Fischer Jr DVM, Diplomate ACVS Veterinary Surgery November 2011 40 7 881-885
Objective To compare the accuracy of ultrasonographic and radiographic examination for evaluation of articular lesions in horses. Study Design Cross-sectional study. Animals Horses (n = 137) with articular lesions. Methods Radiographic and ultrasonographic examinations of the affected joint(s) were performed before diagnostic or therapeutic arthroscopic surgery. Findings were recorded and compared to lesions identified during arthroscopy. Results In 254 joints, 432 lesions were identified by arthroscopy. The overall accuracy was 82.9% for ultrasonography and 62.2% for radiography (P < .0001) with a sensitivity of 91.4% for ultrasonography and 66.7% for radiography (P < .0001). The difference in specificity was not statistically significant (P = .2628). The negative predictive value for ultrasonography was 31.5% and 13.2% for radiography (P = .0022), the difference for the positive predictive value was not statistically significant (P = .3898). The accuracy for ultrasonography and radiography for left versus right joints was equal and corresponded with the overall results. Conclusions Ultrasonographic evaluation of articular lesions was more accurate than radiographic evaluation.

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